It is our pleasure to introduce you to the SME100Africa Community!

We are a community that takes pride in the growth and development of our SMEs.

We understand the need to have valued access to the market, offer unrivaled services as well as a renowned experience when clients take up your business services thus our community for SMEs entails; Capacity Development, Access to Finance, Access to Market, Mentors and inspiring networks.

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Here is a brief summary of our community’s benefits for your business:

Capacity Development: Get free access to four training in a year, this includes finance management, leveraging and a lot of others in store.

Access to Market: Reach over 150,000 potential customers via our different marketing channels including mails and social media as well as Live Talk shows.

It gets even better! Enjoy discounts on lifestyle services ranging from bookkeeping, legal services, content creation to social media management and health and fitness center.

It doesn’t just end there! There’s also the unlimited free access to all SME100Africa events, conferences and seminars. We have events such as The Lagos Small Business Summit (LSBS), International Women’s Day conference to name a few.

We believe that your business can do so much more within our community.

Marketing and business management is more efficient and rewarding when done by experts, your business is our top most Priority.
Let’s do it together!

Personal Data & Analysis


Strategic planning.


Economic growth.


Achieved goals.

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