Promoting the growth of SMEs on the African continent.

SME100 Africa is a social enterprise that supports young African entrepreneurs along their journey towards professional success. We have successfully organized 4 editions of our annual pitch competition with over 10,800 applications from 30 countries.

We have injected $50,000 into youth-led businesses and have facilitated investments of almost $1mn into small businesses in Africa. SME100 Africa HQ is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and our community has more than 100,000 members across Africa.

We help existing and future entrepreneurs plan, launch, manage, and grow their businesses. SME100 Africa stimulates entrepreneurship among young Africans.

Social Impact

We prioritize positive impact on society and the environment, addressing issues like poverty, sustainability, and community development. Our goal is to drive positive change beyond financial gain.


We balance economic, social, and environmental factors by adopting sustainable practices that minimize negative impacts. This includes ethical business practices, responsible resource management, and reducing our carbon footprint.


We empower individuals, communities, and groups through training, education, and economic opportunities to build sustainable livelihoods.


We seek sustainable solutions for social and environmental challenges by exploring innovative business models that combine financial viability with societal benefit.

What we provide

SME100 Africa inspires, empowers, and equips entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Africa by providing them with the five key requirements for business success:

Education (Capacity Development)

We provide a variety of training programs, workshops, and educational resources that are tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. Our goal is to improve entrepreneurs’ skills and knowledge.


SME100 Africa provides a dynamic platform that connects entrepreneurs. We organize events, conferences, and forums for SMEs to meet like-minded individuals, potential partners, and industry experts. This fosters a supportive ecosystem for growth.


Our mentorship programs connect aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced industry professionals, offering personalized guidance on navigating challenges and empowering SMEs to make informed decisions and accelerate their development.

Access to finance

At SME100 Africa, we make it easier for entrepreneurs to access various funding sources, such as microloans, grants, and connections with impact investors. We aim to bridge the gap between SMEs and financial opportunities, ensuring that the lack of capital doesn’t hinder their potential success.

Access to market

SME100 Africa actively supports entrepreneurs in accessing markets through initiatives like business showcases, trade fairs, and collaboration opportunities. This exposure helps SMEs increase visibility, reach new customers, and establish a solid presence in the market.


The Brilliant Minds Fueling Our Success

We have an amazing team with the experience and skills to develop your business plan, coach and mentor you in a way that works for you.


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