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SME100 Africa inspires, empowers and equips young entrepreneurs and Small and medium scale Enterprises in Africa by Providing

Access to Finance

SME100 Africa lend to small and medium scale businesses helping them access expansion capital to grow their businesses

Access to Markets

Our online portal helps small businesses to broaden their horizon and break into new markets. Quarterly we organize business fairs for small business to launch into new markets and earn revenue. We are also the organizers of the FFO FAIR (Fashion, Art & Food Fair).

Access to Inspiring Networks

We have a network of seasoned entrepreneurs, captains of industries, technocrats, professionals, and young entrepreneurs. We have the largest pool of young entrepreneurs under the age of 25.

Capacity Development

We conduct monthly trainings for SMEs across the Africa. Our trainings range from half-day to multi-week programs and focus on giving entrepreneurs practical skills and tools that can be put into action immediately.

Access to Information

We launch a new portal where entrepreneurs can get access to information for personal development and inspiration for the work they do www.talks.ng

Who We Are

SME100Africa stimulates entrepreneurship among Young Africans. We identify and support entrepreneurs, enabling communities to reap the transformational benefits of SME participation in the economy. We spotlight exemplary entrepreneurial models that can help improve the capacity of young entrepreneurs to get the skills, networks, and resources they need to build global businesses. We launched operations in the year 2015 and have already recruited more than 10,000 entrepreneurs into our network. Our online communities are fast becoming the go-to places for anyone interested in entrepreneurship in Africa as evident by the growth we have seen in our communities..