SME100 Africa Workshops

We provide technical assistance sessions for capacity building and professional development. Our sessions are hands-on, highly interactive, and provide relevant content and practical tools that can be applied to your work or business. Sessions range from one hour to a full day, and can extend over several months based on your requirements. Participants must attend the entire session in order to graduate with a certificate.

Each Workshops in more detail

The Art of Effective Networking:
introduces five key skills that make connecting simple and natural: Planning, Active Listening, Asking Strategic Questions, Focusing on the Other Person, and Adding Value. This immersive session emphasizes learning-by-doing. Participants will leave with tools, plans, activities, or work-products they can immediately use at home or in the workplace. Maximum of 15 participants. Typically designed for business owners and students.

Engaging Students in Global STEMpreneurship:
introduces an experience for students to unpack the components of 21st century learning, social justice, global citizenship and STEM initiatives. This immersive workshop emphasizes learning-by doing. Participants start a business as entrepreneurs and sell it globally, working in teams and engaging the local community in STEM based. use at home or at work. Maximum of 15 participants. Typically designed for high school and college students.

Entrepreneurship and Education:
introduces a new way approaching opportunities and challenges. This immersive workshop emphasizes learning-by doing. Participants learn how to monetize educational projects and programs, how to understand and promote non-formal education in the marketplace, how to create a realistic business plan and launch educational start-ups, and how to become familiar with organizational development and business models that create financial stability. Maximum of 15 participants. Typically designed for Trainers, Owners & Coordinators of educational businesses and projects.

From Startup to Scale up:
introduces proven tools for approaching problems and opportunities, and how to leverage the resources you have, rather than those you need. This immersive workshop emphasizes learning-by doing. Participants learn when a start-up becomes a scale-up, the scale-up viability of the business, scaling efforts in sync with the rest of the operation, the strength of your core product/service, which marketing channels give you the highest ROI, execution team, and accessing the cash to scale up. Maximum of 6 participants. Typically designed for business owners and students.

The Power of 777 marketing:
introduces a proven and successful marketing tool as you design your marketing strategy, called 777 Marketing. Participants learn the importance of the contact and the three main steps to establish contact with customers: 1) create your customer list, 2) schedule your contact dates, and 3) choose your contact method. Typically designed for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development:
introduces the cultivation of the entrepreneurship “ecosystem” to create a sphere for startups to grow, and for SMEs to scale. You will learn how to map the existing supporting ecosystems and what is needed in your own community to strengthen the ecosystem. Typically designed for economic development agencies, government officials, ecosystem players such as VCs, Incubators, angels groups, and chambers of commerce.

Resilient Entrepreneur:
is an overview of the Resilient Entrepreneur Canvas and provides insights on its use. We discuss the 8 components of the canvas and focus on the four-steps to keep your organization moving forward during a crisis and beyond. Typically sponsored by government & economic development agencies, community organizers, and individuals.

How to Ask for Money:
introduces the skills you need to learn in asking to fund your business: clarity about your current status, communication, information sharing, and honesty. Participants learn about the various types of investors, what to ask, and how to explain your business model including what have you done, what needs to happen next, and the total amount of money to ask depending on the time frame of operations and how long this fund will sustain your business. Understand what the investor looks for and how to position yourself for the best funding opportunity. Typically sponsored by community organizers, and individuals.

introduces the entrepreneurial mindset concept for leaders and employees. Participants gain insights and tools on how to think and act like an entrepreneur within a corporation or a business that you did not start, gain understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, learn how to act in a corporate and structured environment, and create three action steps to implement an entrepreneurial mindset in your organization. Typically sponsored by business owners, corporates and structures organizations.

Digitizing your startup and SME:
introduces an overview of the digitization Participants learn strategies and marketing campaigns, how to set up a professional domain name & email, influxDB dashboard, professional financial dashboard and customer dashboard and many others. Typically sponsored by business owners and new marketing and sales professionals.

Train the Trainer: Economic Development:
Participants will have unlimited access to the online ISM Train the Trainer programs. Engage the process, discuss and explore the entrepreneurial landscape, start-up vs scale-up. Understand the entrepreneurial support system and your supporting role. Each participant receives bi-weekly private training session with Faris Alami.

Attracting and Retaining Talent:
In today’s gig and service economy employees are looking for more than just pay. Being an employer whether as the business owner or working for a large corporation, it’s important to understand how to attract and retain great talent.