SME100 Africa Programs

Our programs can be used for capacity building and professional development. In addition provided in range of 1 to a 3-day format, or over the course of one year, depending on the needs of our partners.

Capacity Development
This conference is a platform and beacon for all female entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, network and receive relevant tips on how to succeed as a female in every industry. This one-day intensive conference provides female entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet with other successful female entrepreneurs who are strategic and brilliant innovative thinkers; the event will have female investors and female entrepreneurs engage in conversation and form mutually beneficial connections.
The Nigeria’s 25 under 25 awards provides Fellows with a stipend, access to finance, 12-months incubation, one-on-one leadership coaching, and access to a diverse network of technical advisors, mentors, and potential investors for young entrepreneurs. The Nigeria’s under 25 Incubator program equips early-stage entrepreneurs with the support they need to transform audacious ideas into scalable and sustainable ventures. We do this by providing you with three things: space, community, and access.

Every year SME100 Africa in partnership with the Lagos state government organizes the Lagos Small Business Summit in commemoration with the Global Entrepreneurship Week.
The Lagos small business Summit brings together government leaders, the private sector, academia, policymakers, and small business owners; who are innovative game-changers in their various sectors to discuss the impact of policies that affects small and medium scale businesses in Lagos, Nigeria.


Participants will experience learning through case studies and simulations, book reviews, lectures, role-plays, videos, group exercises and discussions, individual and group presentations including input and experiences of classmates. An individual development plan will be completed before the end of the training program Participants would also receive certification at the end of the training program